Muffler and Exhaust

Muffler and exhaust repair Longmont CO
A busted or missing muffler is a painfully recognizable noise. Mufflers do exactly what you think they do. They muffle your very loud exhaust system. If you have ever heard a car without a muffler, you have probably plugged your ears and searched for who was causing you that dismay. Okay, maybe it's not that bad. But maybe you are the one causing your neighbors to look out their windows every time you drive by. Get your muffler fixed!

Repairing your muffler or exhaust system isn't only beneficial to those around you, but it can improve your fuel economy. When exhaust leaks, your motor has to work harder and thus use more gasoline. Some warning signs of a damaged exhaust system include more exhaust volume, a vibrating noise when the car is running, and a failing catalytic converter. Bring your car to Broadway Motors and we will go over your exhaust system and diagnose any problems.

Order OEM Parts
Do you know what the problem is and want to take care of it yourself? At least let us help you order the parts you need. All OEM parts we order are authentic and certified for your specific make and model. Set some time aside this weekend and get some good work in on your car's emission system all while saving some money on labor costs.

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The skilled technicians here at Broadway Motors are highly educated and experienced. There isn't anything they can't do. Whether you need a new muffler, oil change, headlight replacement, tire rotation, or whatever else, we can help! Give us a call at (720) 438-4369 or schedule an appointment online and we will get you squared away in no time.

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