Weird driving laws in Colorado

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No matter where you go in this big wide world, you’re bound to find some unique laws that might not make sense to you. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your street to come across some bizarre laws. That’s right, the State of Colorado is no stranger to weird driving laws. Let’s explore a few, shall we? 

No black cars on Sundays 

The origin of this law is a mystery. Technically, in Denver, you can’t legally drive a black car on Sundays. Why? Nobody knows. Of course, this law is not enforced, but it makes us wonder why anyone would have ever drafted the law, and why the state’s capital doesn’t just get rid of it entirely. 

You can’t throw missiles at cars 

Alamosa, CO is home to a law that makes sense, but one has to wonder what reason there was to write it. There has to be a good story behind a law that prohibits the “throwing” of missiles at vehicles “designed for transportation of persons or property.” It’s a good law, just not really a needed one.

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Don’t break down in the wrong spot 

If your car breaks down on a public right-of-way in Fountain, CO, you could be paying a fine. Oh, and don’t think it’s okay to keep your own broken down car in your own private driveway. It is also a ticketable offense to keep a broken down automobile on private property in Fountain. And for the icing on the cake, Fountain prohibits weeds from growing in private lawns. What a great town.

Parking too close 

If you park too close to someone, it might be understandable to get a fine for it. Kind of ridiculous, but it kind of makes sense. In Westminster, CO, though, you can be fined if someone else parks too close to you. If someone parks less than two feet away from you, you can be fined if the police officers somehow determine that you are at fault. Protect and serve, right? 

We hope you enjoyed reading about these silly laws. Regardless of the law, stay safe out on the roads! 

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